Recently Revealed: Did You Know This About The Jacksons?


Think the Jacksons are old news? Think again. Take a look at these shocking secrets that the Jacksons never meant for anyone to find out.

Paris Jackson Speaks Out

Within the last year, Paris Jackson hit the spotlight yet again! In regards to her father’s death, Paris stated that she believes her father was actually killed and the death wasn’t accidental. The interesting thing is, she has certain clues that she never revealed to public until now…


Michael’s Unknown Son

In 2014, stories began circulating saying that Michael Jackson had a child with a woman named Miki Howard. The stories suggested that Brandon Howard and Michael Jackson were a 99.9999% genetic match making Jackson the father. As it turned out, the entire story was a fabrication. Even the lab, where the DNA testing was checked, was a fake. Moreover, a man named Augie Johnson came out to say that he is the father and that Miki didn’t even know Michael.


Backup Plan

When Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation, his world was turned on its head. This can be seen as the point in his life when his paranoia and fear reached new heights. Jackson was not sure if he was going to be convicted or not and thus required a plan of action in the case that he is charged. It is said that he had a private plane on standby that was waiting to take him to Bahrain where he would be given refuge as a guest of the King’s son.

bahrain jackson

Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife and mother to his children, met the pop star when she was working as a nurse in the dermatology office where Michael was being treated. Jackson was very upset after his divorce from Lisa Marie Presley because he thought he would never be able to become a parent. Rowe offered to him that she would be the mother of his children, and he took her up on the offer. In 1996, Jackson and Rowe got married in Australia, but the marriage would end only a few years later in 1999.



In the last years of his life, Jackson was extremely isolated and detached from the media. This is a result of the constant tabloid headlines that would make outrageous claims against him and his family on a day to day basis. In fact, he completely stopped watching all tv unless it was a DVD. If he wanted something done on the computer, he would have one of his security guards handle it so he wouldn’t accidentally see anything negative online.


Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson is the matriarch of the Jackson family. She was born “Kattie” in Alabama to Martha and Prince Screws, but at the age of four her father would change her name to Katherine and the family name to “Scruse”. Martha and Prince would have two daughters, and Katherine was the oldest of the two. When Katherine was just two years old, she contracted the devastating disease polio. Although she survived the disease, she was left with a rather noticeable limp.



Janet’s Daughter

James DeBarge recently came out in the media to say that he believes that he has had a secret daughter with his ex-wife Janet Jackson. Kristinia, DeBarge’s daughter, is investigating to discover the truth. DeBarge and Jackson married in 1984 when she was just 18. According to reports, Janet Jackson had the baby outside of Los Angeles County, and either the child was given to a foster family or Rebbie, Janet’s older sister in Las Vegas. In any case, Kristinia thinks the child was given up because of pressure from the rest of the Jackson family for Janet to continue to pursue her career.


Jermaine’s Betrayal

The Jackson family is well known for its wildly dysfunctional nature. However, one of the best and most outrageous examples of this is the drama that took place between Jermaine and Randy. Randy is younger than Jermaine by 7 years, and he always looked up to his older brothers. At the age of 24, he met a 17-year-old Alejandra Oaziaza. The couple dated for a long time and even had two children, but they never married. While Randy was away, Jermaine swooped in and actually married Alejandra. The couple had their own children and are now divorced.


Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson only had one daughter. Her name is Paris Jackson, and after the loss of her father things got a little bumpy. She spoke out in public for the first time at her father’s funeral. Paris had several TV appearances in the years after her father’s death, but in 2013 she allegedly attempted to commit suicide by swallowing 20 pills and cutting her wrists with a knife. She was admitted to a therapeutic facility where she was able to recover. She now focuses on her own career and seems to be in a much healthier place.


Is Tanay a Jackson?

Over the years, Tanay Jackson has come out in interviews and on blogs saying that she is the illegitimate daughter of Michael’s brother, Tito Jackson. However, the Jackson family insists that she’s only trying to use the family name to make herself famous. Tanay supposedly has a birth certificate to prove it but has refused to show it to anyone. In their reality show, Tito’s sons took Tanay to get a DNA test to clear up the matter once and for all. As it turns out, the DNA tests came out false and Tanay has no relation to Tito.

tanay jackson


Joe Jackson is the patriarch of the Jackson family, but he is also well known for being the manager of the family talent. At the age of 18, Joe moved to Chicago where he was working at as a crane operator instead of finishing high school. His dream in life was to become a professional boxer, and he even got involved in the Golden Gloves program. However, once he married Katherine he dropped his boxing dream in order to put food on the table and continued to work as a crane operator.


Janet’s Secret Marriage

Celebrities, especially those with the level of attention as the Jacksons, tend to do whatever they can to keep some of their lives away from the public eye. As previously mentioned, Janet Jackson was married in 1984 to James Debarge before divorcing him not too long after. However, not many people know that Janet Jackson was married in the 90’s as well. She was secretly married to director/songwriter Rene Elizondo whom she worked with throughout the decade. The story only became public when Elizondo filed for divorce after they separated in ’99.


Rebbie Jackson

Rebbie, the oldest of all the children to Joe and Katherine, was the first to break away from the wishes of her father. Joe is said to be a very controlling and strict figure in the family that wanted all the children to achieve success and fame in the music industry. Katherine, on the other hand, wanted all her daughters to be mothers and wives at some point in their lives. So when Rebbie, at the age of 18, decided that she wanted to marry her childhood love, it caused quite the rift in the family.


Genevieve Jackson

Genevieve Jackson is the daughter of Alejandra Oaziaza and Randy Jackson and has largely stayed out of the spotlight. However, she commented about Michael’s children after his death, “He taught them to always listen and to watch everything that’s around them and to pay attention. You know, they are very, very smart children.” However, she does have goals and dreams of her own. She is an aspiring singer and songwriter who plans to follow in the family business and make music.


La Toya’s Secret

Michael’s sister, La Toya Jackson, appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine in 1989. Whereas before she was very much conservative, in later years La Toya’s career became much racier. However, she recently came out in 2011 to reveal more details about her personal life. She spoke out to allege that her ex husband and manager was abusive both physically and emotionally. With regard to the cover, she says, “He forced me to do [it] and then he had me say, ‘Oh this is all my idea, it’s something I wanted to do”. Thus, she wasn’t necessarily rebelling, but rather obeying.



Jackson was very protective as a father. He wanted to do anything he could to ensure that they would grow up with a normal childhood experience. Of course, this is almost impossible for the children of the legendary pop star. Whenever they would be out in public as children, Jackson would make his children wear all sorts of strange masks to cover their faces. He was traumatized from his totally public youth and wanted to give his children the privacy he never got at their age.



In 2003, the Neverland mansion was raided by police following allegations against Jackson. The police ransacked the entire home and upturned absolutely everything in their search for evidence. After the raid ended, Jackson swore that he could never live there again due to the fact that he no longer felt safe at home. From that point on, the family would live out of hotel rooms. Even in 2008, the home was still exactly the way the police had left it.


Mystery Lovers

With a star that has the fame of Michael Jackson, it is hard to have any sort of relationship kept under wraps. Thus, it is no surprise that there was rumors of him having a couple of secret girlfriends. These rumors stem from two security guards that worked with Michael and he trusted them allowing them to have access to such sensitive information. The girlfriends were never mentioned by name, instead using code names at all times, and not even Jackson’s family, managers, or children knew of the girlfriends.

michael jackson


Michael Jackson was constantly in fear that he was being recorded without his knowledge or consent. When Jackson would come to a hotel room, he would have his guards sweep the room for cameras or bugs, and even on some occasions he would ask to make a last minute switch to a different room. This all came as a result of one instance of Michael’s conversations with his lawyer being recorded and sold to the media without any of his knowledge.

jackson bug

Janet Jackson Divorcing Wissam Al Mana

Janet Jackson just revealed that she is splitting from her multimillionaire Qatari husband – Wissam Al Mana – just months after having his baby at the age of 50. The media seems to be linking her absence from the spotlight and cancelation of the “Unbreakable” world tour in 2016 to marital troubles, but more details are yet to be released. There was a lot of speculation around the subject because Jackson left the hospital after giving birth without a wedding ring!



In 2007, Jackson had returned from his trips to Ireland and Bahrain. By this time, almost no one in the family was having regular contact with Michael except for his mother. In fact, she was the only one who could show up at the house unannounced and he would allow her to come in. Every other family member was required to make appointments, and some even had to resort to trying to break into the house in order to see Michael.

estranged michael

Avid Reader

Many don’t realize, but Michael was a very avid reader. He would read books on just about anything including subjects such as art, science, and history among others. For him, spending $5,000 on books in one trip to the bookstore was a regular occurrence. There was even a time in 2007 that he entered a used book store and liked it so much he wanted to buy everything; he ended up paying $100,000 cash right there and then had all the books delivered to his Las Vegas home.

mj books


As previously mentioned, Jackson was very protective over his children and how they were exposed to the media giving them masks to protect their faces. However, that was not the only thing he did to protect them from the media. He also gave his children different code names that they were meant to use with each other as well as over the radio to avoid anyone recognizing who they are. In fact, any time they were outside the house they were not meant to use their real names.

jackson kids


Michael Jackson had a taste in music that might come as a surprise to some. Unlike the upbeat pop songs that he was known to be the king of making and dancing to, he preferred to listen to classical music himself. When he was in private, he would be listening to the likes of Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky on a regular basis both in his car and in his home. There were even instances of Jackson putting on classical music before his concerts.

michael classic music

Neverland Refuge

Michael Jackson knew exactly what it felt like to be hunted and constantly berated by the media. However, not everyone is prepared or equipped to handle the unbelievable incessant probe of the press and paparazzi. Perhaps this can explain why Jackson was generous to at least one celebrity in need of a safe place. After OJ Simpson’s trial took place and he was acquitted, Michael allowed him to come and stay at the Neverland Ranch where he had some privacy and time for himself without constantly getting questions or photos.

neverland refuge

The Affair

In 1984, Jermaine Jackson was married to Hazel Gordy. However, during the course of that year, he also had an affair with Whitney Houston. However, Jermaine did not pursue this relationship with Houston. Jermaine wrote a book in which he explains, “As much as I wanted to lose myself in all these feelings, I told her to wait… we had to go our separate ways and it killed us both.” It is also said that Michael pushed Jermaine away from the relationship by telling him to focus on the family he does have. Because he listened to Michael, it made Houston angry.

jackson family


Among the hobbies that Michael Jackson enjoyed, was playing basketball. When Michael was in the Jackson 5, he and his brothers learned how to play basketball while they were at Marvin Gaye’s house. His love for the game never left him, not even in his later years. It was said that every once in awhile he would come out and just shoot the ball around on his driveway. He would use it as a means of relaxation, and some even said he had a pretty good  jump shot.

jackson ball

The Limo

As previously mentioned, Jackson was very serious when it came to his privacy and security. He took extra precautions in every instance in order to avoid any potential leak of private information. There are even some extreme cases in which Jackson took things to a new level in the name of protecting his privacy. For example, he had discovered that the limousine security cameras were connected and recording which is not something he would usually allow. In order to retrieve the security camera footage, he confiscated the limousine and kept it until he was able to receive and destroy the tapes; only then did he return the limousine.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 4.36.11 PM

Cover Story

There was a point in time that almost every single tabloid or newspaper had an image of Michael Jackson on the cover. Stories were circulating daily; some that were completely made up, and others based on half truths. However, Michael loved to read and would stop in bookstores frequently. When this would occur, it was the job of his security guards to check the news stands and racks to ensure that there was no stories about Jackson that he or his children could see while they browse around.

tabloid jackson

The Falcons

Joe Jackson was obsessed with success in the entertainment industry since he was a young man in the early 1950’s. He loved to play the guitar and was even part of a blues band that he helped form called The Falcons. Although they tried they worked hard to make some good music, they were unable to get any attention or interest. When they couldn’t sign a record deal and one of their band mates left to make his own group, the band broke up.



The Wiz is a film that was made in 1978 and is classified as an American musical adventure. It can be looked at as an urban rework of the original children’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the 1974 Broadway version of the story. The film features some big stars of the time including Diana Ross, Richard Pryor, Mabel King, Nipsey Russell, Ted Ross, and Michael Jackson. In the film, Michael Jackson portrays the character of Scarecrow who is made up garbage and rags.

jackson scarecrow

Michael and Macaulay

In May 2005, Macaulay Culkin took to the stand during Michael Jackson’s trial. While on the stand, he talked about how he would sleep in the same bed as Jackson as a young boy. However, he also mentioned that, at all times, he was fully clothed and denied ever being molested by the legendary pop star. He also went on to give examples of their relationship stating that Jackson would open up toy stores after hours so they could play, they would speak on the phone hundreds of times, and even go on a week long vacation to Bermuda without Culkin’s parents.


Music Video Fun

Michael Jackson’s ultra hit songs are memorable not just for the music, but also the video. Michael Jackson videos are incredibly edgy and help him define the style he wishes to have. Music videos such as the one produced for the song “Bad” , also have some interesting facts behind them. Many people don’t know that Martin Scorsese is actually the director for the music video. Moreover, Wesley Snipes also appeared in the video, but this was before he became an actor.

scorsese jackson

Ranch Story

The Neverland Ranch was the main notable and recognizable home of Michael Jackson. In 1988, he purchased the land for the ranch in California for the price of $17 million. The enormous property was 2700 acres and featured a theme park, a menagerie, and even a movie theatre. His security staff alone was comprised of forty individuals not to mention all the other staff that was required to maintain such a place. When Neverland Ranch was sold in 2003, its value was enormously more significant. The final sale price came out to $100 million.

ranch jackson

Taj’s Dark Past

When Wade Robson came out on television to make claims that Michael Jackson molested him, Taj Jackson responded. Taj Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew, came out in defense of Michael stating that he was a real victim of child abuse by relatives on his mother’s side. Taj explained that Michael “was a support system for me and my mom”. He goes on to mention that he once left a note for Taj’s mother to read him a specific article about molestation and abuse by relatives. Wade, who at the time of the trail denied the acts, later claims that he was being manipulated and brainwashed by Jackson.


Jehovah’s Witness

Jehovah’s Witness is a Christian Denomination that has distinctly different beliefs than the mainstream Christian ideology.  It is a common practice for a follower of the faith to walk around their neighborhood every Sunday and preach door to door. The Jackson family practices this faith and tradition to this day. However, it is the children of the late Michael Jackson that are having trouble continuing to follow in their father’s footsteps. Both Paris and Prince Michael have refused to go door to door since their father has passed away. They have not renounced their faith, but just don’t want to participate to such an extent anymore.


Minnie Jackson

Michael Jackson had one of the most distinct voices in the music industry. This is perhaps just one of the reasons he was such a successful singer. Anyone who knew his music could spot his voice. Since he started singing from a young age, Michael had the opportunity to hear the evolution of his voice as he was growing up. In fact, when he was asked about it, he is said to have described his voice on an early Jackson 5 record as sounding “like Minnie Mouse”.

young michael

JohVonnie Jackson

JohVonnie Jackson is a child from one of Joe Jackson’s affairs. Although she stays close to her father and his wife Katherine, she is very much treated as an outsider by all the other siblings. She was almost completely ignored by the rest of the Jackson family for about thirty years until she was invited to the Neverland Ranch. When she finally got to meet Michael, he acted cold, barely giving her any attention and instead focused on her daughter Yasmine.


Stevanna Jackson

Stevanna Jackson, daughter of Randy Jackson and niece of Michael, is now 26 years old. She is also a Harvard graduate. There were some rumors swirling around the internet that there is a possibility that she might have actually been the secret daughter of Janet Jackson. However, these rumors are just that, and have been denied. Stevanna is following in her mother’s footsteps and working towards her goal as an actress. She has had several appearances on film and TV.


Jermaine’s Obsession

It is a perfectly normal thing for a family to have some competition within itself. In fact, it is so normal that we have given it the name ‘sibling rivalry’. However, sometimes it goes a little further than just a rivalry. A close family friend reported that Jermaine was insanely jealous of Michael. He ranted about his brother on a daily basis, saying that he should have been the famous one instead. However, Jermaine defended Michael in public throughout all the legal battles.


Michael and Brooke

The relationship between Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields was, as some would call it, “unique”. While Michael did propose to her several times, she reassured him that they would always share the bond they had no matter what each other’s circumstance was. Michael grew up in a very sheltered and isolated life. The two shared an “asexual” relationship as she described, but he was like a child and they bonded strictly as friends discussing different aspects of relationships and life. In an interview, she explains, “he often wanted to talk about the birds and the bees, asking what first base and second base meant with childish giddiness”.



One of Michael Jackson’s most famous pets was Bubbles. Bubbles was a chimpanzee that he had adopted from a cancer research clinic in Texas at the age of three. Once Michael got a hold of him, he brought him around with him. He was present at the recording sessions for the Bad album and even flew to Tokyo with him. When Jeff Koons, a sculpture artist, created several sculptures for Jackson, he even made some with Bubbles and Jackson together.

jackson bubbles

Dr. Murray

Dr.Conrad Murray worked as Michael’s private physician for several years prior to his death has come up against intense criticism for his revealing book. According to Conrad the singer himself requested he write the book in event of an untimely death. In an interview with the press Dr. Murray stated, “This Is It [which is the name of the book] is the true story of Michael’s life that has never been told. It is the final word. It is the story of who Michael Jackson really was. It’s the truth. Everything else out there is entirely speculative. Everyone thinks they know the story – but they don’t.”

Jackson- Conrad Murray

Breaking Boundaries

Michael was the undisputed king of pop and over the span of his career he broke record after record. He won more awards than any other musician alive or dead including 23 Guinness World Records.  In addition, he took home 40 Billboard music awards, 13 Grammy’s and a whopping 26 American Music Awards. His music video for the hit single, Billie Jean was even the first music video by an African American artist to be featured on MTV. A true music legend!

Jackson- boundaries

The Godfather

It’s a well known fact that the famous singer was fond of children and forged many close bonds with other celebrities over the course of his life. Michael is the godfather of Nicole Richie, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie as well as Barry Gibb’s son Michael.  He is rumored to have been the godfather of one of the Kardashians as well but we can’t confirm it. Hollywood actor Macaulay Culkin is the godfather of Jackson’s oldest two children.

jackson- culkin

Domestic Abuse Charges

Jermaine Jackson has made his appearance on this list a few times but this might be one of the most shocking stories! Jermaine met partner Halima Rashid in line at a Starbucks in 2004 and a whirlwind romance soon followed. It wasn’t until nearly ten years passed that a surprising truth about Halima came out. She apparently tried to take a chunk out of her husbands leg using her teeth during a heated argument.  Police were unable to determine who started the fight and charges were never laid.


Divorce Rumors

Amid swirling rumors of abuse and countless accounts of infidelity, Katherine and Joe Jackson remained married for 60 years before finally calling it quits. It took the death of their son Michael to finally convince Katherine to leave her unhappy marriage. As a Jehovah’s Witness Catherine doesn’t believe in divorce but apparently filed twice previously due to Joe’s outrageous behavior. The first filing took place when Michael was just 15 years old and then again six years later when Katherine found out about a secret love child.

jacksons- divorce

Paris Then vs. Now

Paris Jackson, Michael’s oldest daughter, has grown up a lot over the past couple years. The gorgeous 18-year-old is finding her way as a young adult in show business. Her teen years were tough as she struggled with depression and drug addiction. Her older brother told Rolling Stone that Paris is very similar to Michael “in all of her strengths, and almost all of her weaknesses as well. She’s very passionate. She is very emotional to the point where she can let emotion cloud her judgment.”


Prince Then vs. Now

Prince Jackson is now 20 years old and starting a career in film. He told ET, “Everybody thought I would do music or be a dancer. I can’t do either. I do enjoy film. I do enjoy that business a lot.” He is already quite accomplished as a producer and has done music videos for Omer Bhatti and the Sco Triplets. Prince is also very focused on philanthropy. He co-founded an organization called Heal Los Angeles which helps families end homelessness, hunger, and abuse.


Blanket Then vs. Now

The youngest member of the Jackson clan, Blanket, is now 14 years old! He got his nickname ‘Blanket’ after his father showed him as a baby to the paparazzi by dangling him off the hotel balcony. He legally changed his name to Bigi Jackson after he was the subject of bullying because of his unique nickname. Bigi has tried to keep a low profile since his dad died in 2007 when he was 7 years old. Bigi lives with his grandmother, Katherine Jackson.


Net Worth

Michael Jackson was the highest-earning dead celebrity in 2016, earning a sum of $825 million! The news came after the attorney revealed that Jackson’s estate is worth around $1 billion. Forbes magazine explained that Jackson’s fortune grew after the sale of his half of the ATV/Sony Music Publishing catalog for $750 million. International Business Times said his collection included “songs and albums recorded by the likes of The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.”


The Jackson Family

The Jackson 5, made up of the five eldest sons of Joseph Walter and Katherine Esther Jackson – Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Randy, and Michael – is often described as the “First Family Of Soul”. As a result of their success, La Toya, Janet and Rebbie also rose to fame, but it was mostly Janet and Michael who succeeded at keeping their solo careers alive. All in all, there were ten siblings in the second generation of the Jacksons, which included Michael Jacksons; the third generation consists of 26 children!


Plastic Surgery?

Over Jackson’s long career, his look changed many times. Fans started to notice that the shape of his nose and the color of his skin began to change dramatically in the mid-80s. Even though Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo, a skin disorder where patches of the skin lose pigment, it was still clear that he was going through plastic surgery to alter his body more. Many also suggested that Jackson was bleaching his skin. Later on in his life, physicians speculated that Jackson had body dysmorphic disorder.