This Video Of A Kitten And Baby Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet


When two Milwaukee based photographers were visiting family recently, they managed to capture one of the cutest videos the internet has seen in a while.

Erin and Theresa Rouse decided to improvise a newborn shoot for their cousin’s three week old baby, using only the equipment they had, namely their iPhones, set in their cousin’s dining room.

When the baby seemed to be fed up with the photoshoot, the two photographers decided to take a break to focus on a different subject–a week old kitten Erin’s mom had found just the day before their arrival.

“It was a complete fluke,” Erin tells “We were in Texas and my cousin had given birth to gorgeous baby Lainey three weeks prior so we decided to do a newborn session in Erin’s parent’s dining room.”

After the photographers switched their focus to the kitten, they happened to capture a particularly sweet moment as the tiny kitten was swaddled next to the baby, the pair hugging each other in comfort.

The video swept the internet, with over 3 million views and over 51K shares.

Theresa told the news outlet, “One thing led to another and we posed the kitten with baby Lainey and took a couple of quick videos.

We never expected anything to come of the videos — we’re not exactly social media mavens so the fact that this has grown this much continues to shock us every day.”

Erin and Theresa have a warning for others who might want to attempt a photoshoot with newborns and animals, however.

“It’s important to note that this kitten was brand new – just a few weeks old – and was very milk drunk and sedate at the time of this session,” says Erin.

“We would never recommend that anyone should pose a newborn with a kitten unless you really know animals and newborn photography. It’s such a highly specialized area of photography, and it is so important that these little humans are handled with great care and experienced hands.”