Back-To-School Shopping Made Easy


Can you feel it? It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – back-to-school shopping season. Summer is coming to a close, and that means you need to get your kids ready for the first day of school. For some, that day is right around the corner, while others have more time to sit poolside. Regardless, don’t waste any time grabbing the coolest gear around.

We know it is never easy choosing the right items for your kids. They use their backpacks every day. How can you tell which ones will make it through the year? Here are some suggestions from Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping.

LED Space Racer Backpack – $44 – Bixbee

To infinity and beyond. With the LED Space Racer Backpack, your kids can feel like they are in flight as they take off down the halls from class to class. This horizontal design helps take stress off your kids’ shoulders and distributes weight more equally around the waist. It’s a safer way to carry books and supplies that typically add unnecessary pressure and pain.

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My Little Pony Mini Backpack – $5 – Hollar

Are you looking for a cheaper option for your child this year? Hollar has a great collection of cheap bags for your little ones. Designs include your kids’ favorite characters from cartoons, movies, and television. The bags are not ideal for older kids lugging around larger books but are perfect for youngsters.

JanSport Superbreak Backpack – $36 – Kohl’s

Remember the old days when JanSport bags came only in solid colors? These classic bags are still as reliable as they were thirty years ago. They might not have a large array of features, but its simple design has endeared for decades. The bags come in a variety of colors and patterns, something for any child (or adult).

Anti-Theft Backpack – $99 – Uncommongoods

If you are a serious backpack connoisseur, this pricier bag is what you are looking for. No one will be getting into this bag while you travel, even from class to class. The bag is made from a cut-proof, water repellent material and has hidden zippers and pockets to deter thieves and protect your items. A USB charging port will help any college student stay connected and fully loaded.