Parents Pay Tribute To Rainbow Babies With Cute, Inspiring Photoshoot


Life is unpredictable and sometimes can throw you unexpected hardships. Sadly, some pregnant women face stillbirths, miscarriages, and newborns passing away.

These parents grieve deeply, but eventually, their resilience allows them to brush themselves off and try again, and thankfully have a healthy child.

They kept hope alive, enough to see that there is a rainbow after a time of storm. We call these healthy babies rainbow babies, to symbolize the good turn of fortune after hardship.

parents looking out of window

Unfortunately, Cindy and Jim Bob Haggerton faced the unspeakable hardship of losing a newborn child. Their first child had Potter sequence, a condition in which there is low amniotic fluid in the womb, which leads to deadly lung problems.

They are tough, strong people, and so they were able to try again. They had not one, but two rainbow babies following their loss. The first rainbow baby was the adopted Tate, and then a biological child Whitten.

newborn and parents

To celebrate the rainbow babies, they had a photo shoot in collaboration with Birth Unscripted, a trio of photographers who capture the precious moments of birth.

Natasha Hance and Amanda Gipson of the photo studio brainstormed with Cindy about what they’d like to do, and they came up with a heartwarming tribute to both Tate and Whitten, as well as to the baby they’d lost years prior.

The photo is rainbow themed, with the Haggerton kids at the end of the rainbows, and a butterfly fluttering above to symbolize the loss of the first child.

rainbow babies

Natasha realized that the photos she took went beyond aesthetics, and had an impact on other families.

“I think Jim Bob and Cindy hope that people are reminded that even in the darkest storm of losing a child there can still be joy that new life brings and that we can still honor and remember loved ones that aren’t with us anymore.”