Texas Mom Finds Success Making Mother-Daughter Outfits


Alexis Brown, an Austin, Texas native began sewing this spring as a hobby, never dreaming that her fun little side project would turn into a profitable venture.

Her inspiration was a set of old sheets she found lying around the house, and thought they might make a cute pair of pants.


Brown, who is 19 years old, told ABC News, “I had seen these old sheets that I had. I was like, ‘wow, these would make some cute pants.’ I put it on the bed next to my daughter, and she was so amazed by it, and I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to make us some matching outfits. I made her a little dress, and I had to take pictures of it — this was too cute.”


She posted her photos to her Instagram account, and the response was unparalleled, so Brown decided she would continue on and make several more outfits.

Brown said, “When I posted the mommy-and-me outfits, people were just loving it.”

She added that her daughter, who is 9 months old, also seems to particularly enjoy watching Brown during the creative process.“I can tell she really enjoys it,” said Brown. “She’ll look at my outfit and look at hers and realize they’re the same.”


Though Brown has only made 4 outfits for the pair thus far, she’s been inundated with requests from other people for custom mother daughter outfits of their own.

She has decided to take the time to come up with a number of fall and winter appropriate designs before she starts producing them for the public. But it’s not just moms looking for ways to match with their daughters.

Brown has also received inquires from fathers looking to match their little girls. “People really love the whole duo thing. I think it’s heartwarming,” Brown shared with ABC.