Cop Gets Touching Note From Daughter Before Going To Rescue Hurricane Victims


Hurricane Harvey has been absolutely devastating for residents of Texas, especially those in the greater Houston area. At this time of disaster, police officers are truly fulfilling their sworn promise to protect and serve the public.

The men and women in blue are needed now more than ever, and many police officers from far away are making the trek to the areas most affected, and volunteering their time and efforts to help those who need food, shelter, or supplies.


When folks in Waco, Texas decided to send some volunteers to Houston, off-duty police Commander Scott Holt decided to go on the three-hour journey and do what he could to help the affected people. Before her left, his daughter Makenna gave him the cutest, most moving note.

It read: “Dear Daddy, I hope you don’t get hurt, but I hope you help other people that need it more than you do. I hope no one gets hurt more. I hope everyone gets away the hurricane. I love you!” The purple marker, the handwriting of the young girl, and the sweet message were enough to make Holt and his fellow police officers choke up with tears. Despite having seen so much as a 22 year veteran officer, Holt said that, “it’s just emotional to get a note like that.”

In Houston, Holt rescued some of the most vulnerable people in the area: wheelchair bound people in an assisted living facility.

They shared the note on the Waco Police Facebook page, where they mentioned that it took, “everything that her daddy could do to keep her from loading up with him to go.” Perhaps one day she will also be a police officer, with these instincts to help the public.

note police daughter

This note truly shows how Police families feel when their loved ones go out to save others.  Sgt. Harry Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police said that he and Holt are just doing their jobs, but the real heroes are, “our families [who] have to watch us walk out the door.’