Is Moving To The Suburbs The Right Move With Your Kids?


For decades, young city-dwelling couples have made a move to the suburbs following the addition of children to their families.

Living in the city can be a spectacular experience without the shackles of little ones crawling and running around. Many families choose to replace their skyline view with a lush green backyard.

The question remains – is making the jump to the suburbs the right move?

This trend has ransacked cities of children. San Francisco, Portland, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C. are some of the fastest growing cities in the country but are continually seeing the number of children residents decreasing.

Let’s tackle some of the myths behind a suburban move.

Suburbs Are Safer Than Cities

While the number of murders and violent crimes might be down in the suburbs, it does not guarantee safety in the suburbs.

The greatest danger to suburban folks is cars. According to TruTV’s Adam Conover, you are 270% more likely to see traffic fatalities in cul-de-sac neighborhoods than a city’s grid streets.

Suburban neighborhoods lull you into a sense of safety void of well-marked sidewalks, streets, driveways. With less chaos than a city, your attention slips and accidents happen.

The Myth That Suburban Space Equals Room To Be Free

Without the confines of skyscrapers and office buildings, the suburbs have plenty of greenery. Parents find that bringing young kids to the park is a great way to let them blow off steam.

However, as they grow older, the space between places becomes a nuisance for parents. Without drivers licenses, teenagers rely on their parents to take them from place to place, removing autonomy from the equation.

City kids have reliable public transportation at their service.

A Sense Of Community

The sheer size of cities can create an impersonal and cold environment, but it does not mean that community building is impossible. Without as much time crammed into cars, people have reported having more time for friends and family while living in cities.