New Mom Reveals The Honest Truth About Pregnancy


Many pregnant moms want to seem like the perfect mother so can often sugar coat how their pregnancy is going. From this, other women can often be given a false idea about the rollercoaster ride of pregnancy. In light of this, expectant mother Maya Duca decided to portray the truth about pregnancy in a series of Instagram posts to give other women the reassurance that not everything is smooth sailing.

mom- truth

Maya gave birth to her first daughter, Zoey and was shocked to find out that just two months later, she had fallen pregnant with another baby girl. Duca took the second pregnancy in her stride and was trying to take it easy and act as if everything was great. She said “Up until about halfway through the pregnancy I was still taking pretty pictures, but I would try and insert a relatable caption.”

However, she couldn’t keep up hiding from the truth and said “But then it came to a point where I said, ‘I’m way too tired and hurting. I can’t pretend it’s this amazing feeling all the time.’ It’s hard, I was achy and I had my other child crawling and I felt [like a] fake portraying something that just wasn’t my reality.”

maya- husband

It was then at this point that Maya decided to appear more relatable to other moms and starting embracing the highs and lows of her pregnancy. Maya recalled,”I said, ‘I’m going to embrace my life right now and see what happens, see how people respond.” Maya then began to post cute photos on Instagram with captions in the background to show how she was feeling at that time. She explained, “I was paying attention to my symptoms and then took the strongest one and turned it into a board, I translated how I was feeling into a message.”

Maya’s husband, Tim was the photographer for the posts and they were surprised to find that her shots were gathering thousands of likes. Duca said,”People were messaging me saying, ‘Oh, my gosh, that’s exactly how I feel. Thank you for being so honest about that.’ They feel like it’s OK to not have it all together and these other moms felt like they belonged somewhere reading my posts.”


Maya’s second daughter, Hazel arrived on August 3rd and even though her pregnancy had finished, the new mom-of-two promised to continue to post about the trials and tribulations of being a mother with two children, under two.