10 Summer Fun Activities for Kids and Parents


Have you mapped out your summer activities? If your busy schedule limits your prepping skills, don’t worry as we got you covered. We rounded up the ten best summer activities for you and your kids that will give everyone fun and sweet bonding moments.

1. Dance in the rain
When summer surprises you with a sudden burst of rain, get everyone outside your house and enjoy the rhythm of the rain. Take the outdoor shower and dance in it. Nothing beats this classic childhood memory by reliving it with your family.

2. Hold a Family car wash day
Have everyone in the family involved in washing your car. Distribute the easy tasks from holding the water hose to gently scrubbing the car among your kids. If you like, you can take your car wash day to a new level by getting a shower as well while you’re all having fun getting your car clean in the driveway. What do you think?

3. Movie night at home
One way of bonding with the kids is to set up a date night with them in your living area filled with bags of chips, popcorns, ice cream and pizza and yes pillows. Then turn on your TV for that thrilling movie that everyone has been dying to watch.

4. Picnic at the park
How about having breakfast at your local park by bringing your hearty meals, mats, and drinks? Them take a walk with your dogs for some relaxing exercise and have the kids hit the playground for some awesome play.

5. Schedule a board game day
On weekends when everyone is free, take an hour or two in playing board games like snakes and ladders, monopoly and twister. It’s more than fun having everyone engaged in friendly and intellectual competition.

6. Take a road trip
Heard the new beach in town? Get your kids ready for their swimwear, extra clothes, foods and drinks and all travel and beach essentials. Sometimes, a family needs a quick getaway, and it starts with a road trip filled with laughter and endless stories.

7. Play Dress-Up
Bring out the superhero costumes that your children have been using in plays and parties and play dress-up in the comfort of your house. Let everyone choose and dress up like his/her favorite superhero, and tadaa let the adventure begins!

8. Petting Zoos
Most kids are pet lovers. Take them to a nearby petting zoo and let them feed their favorite animals. They don’t need to see lions and tigers to be entertained; kids can spend hours watching animals they have seen in their storybooks.

9. Join community park activities
Community parks provide a variety of activities, especially during summer season. The best way to experience the fun is to enroll everyone in the family for various activities like arts and craft, music and tennis lessons. This way, their summer will be more productive and insightful.

10. Hold a baking class
Parents don’t need to be professional bakers to do this activity as a recipe book does the trick. Just act as confident bakers and teach your children how to make a soft batch of chocolate chip cookies. The kids will surely enjoy the process especially the eating part.

young girl petting a goat