4 Ways to Stay Healthy After Pregnancy


Once you pop out that first baby you won’t have a lot time for yourself anymore. Hobbies will be left in the dust, hitting the gym will seem to get in the way of much needed rest and friendships will become less tights. Many mothers lose their figure during these these years and never go back to how they looked before the baby. This is tragic, but it isn’t exactly an inescapable fate. We have some hot tips that will keep you looking great while nurturing that newborn.

Ten Minutes of Cardio a Day

Dedicating just ten minutes a day to a power walk or run around the block can make a huge difference in your figure and mood. Not only is exercise perfect for burning off fat, but also stress and tension. You can also swap this for swimming and dancing. Keeping active will also give you a longer lifespan. That means you’ll be able to live longer with your family.

Stay Positive

Mothers have the tendency to worry, be stressed and try to make things perfect all the time. This train of thought can lead you down a lot of horrible roads, ones that lead to stress, burnout and also depression. It’s important to tilt your head a little and see things in a different light or from a different perspective.

Eat Healthy

We live a society where fast food is down every corner we look. It’s easy, fast but at the same time extremely damaging. You don’t want to put this stuff in your stomach. Health issues like obesity will leave you with little energy and depression. When you eat great, you feel great. That said, you should be eating healthy foods, but remember to treat yourself sometimes.

Stay Social

You don’t want to live in a small circle consisting of just you, your child, your husband and parents. You need to go out and be social. Keep in touch with friends or go to other parenting events. Limiting yourself will lead you down a boring and predictable path. Family does come first, but you need to have some friends and other people that you can talk to.