9 Tips for a Fun Day at the Beach with Your Children


Everyone loves a day at the beach. However when you bring kids into the picture can turn your relaxing vacation day into a logistical nightmare. From packing things of the entire family to ensuring that your little ones are safe, here are somethings to make sure you leave the beach with your sanity still intact.

1. Make a list of your beach essentials.
Above anything else, smart preparation is the key to lessen your stress and save your time.  Start with a list of the necessary items that you’re going to take with you to the beach. Remember that less is best so you don’t end up panicking when you can’t find all of the toys that your child brought during the trip.

2. Go to the beach early.
It is given that a beach easily gets busy especially during summer.  It’s better to arrive there early to secure a nice area for your family.  Tip: a spot near the lifeguard’s station is ideal for emergency situations.

3. Disposable Swim Diapers
A swim diaper is a must-have especially for toddlers who pee and poop from time to time.  This type of diaper is designed to make your tot feel comfy when wet.

4. Bring the spray sunscreen.
Sunscreens are crucial in beach outings to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.  When you have kids you want everything to be easy, so a spray sunscreen does the trick.

5. Get a beach tent.
While a beach umbrella is simpler to assemble, a beach tent is more useful in getting that in between rest at the beach.  This goes true for babies and toddlers who need naps.

6. Bring food and plenty of water.
Have a cooler to store your food items like fruits, juice drinks, water and other snacks.  Even though a beach has a restaurant, bringing your own meals save time and money.

7. Plastic bags
Pack two plastic bags (one for the girls and one for the boys) to be used for wet swimwear or clothing.  This will make your life easier and organized before you head home.

8. Use baby powder to de-sand kids.
It is inevitable for kids to play (or even eat) sand while at the beach.  A beach trip isn’t complete without sand castles, right? The perfect way to de-sand your babies and toddlers is to coat them with baby powder before hitting the sand.

9. Savor the moment and have fun!
Moms tend to be overprotective of their kids which is natural but isn’t it more fun if you give in to the crazy moments and just enjoy?  Really, you went to the beach for fun so savor every happy and sanity-breaking times with your kids.

family at the beach sitting under tent