Celebrate 4th of July with These Fun Activities for Your Kids


As Fourth of July approaches, every family is up for a grand plan to make this all-American holiday a fabulous one.  From holding barbecue parties to watching concerts, every household is excited about this special day. Kids are feeling fantastic with all the thrilling activities awaiting them.

Enjoy the fireworks

With kids in tow, parents are keeping their eyes open to ensure the safety and security of their kids, especially during Independence Day. This big holiday is no exception as it offers a variety of activities that the public can enjoy. Instead of playing with fireworks, let the kids enjoy the display of vibrant sky dancers. Make the activity stress-free by letting each member of the family guess how many red, blue and white fireworks will there be. Hand a chocolate bar to whoever has the closest hint.

Organize a colorful bike parade

Expect a lot of spectacular activities on the Fourth of July organized by various local and national private and government organizations.  If you want to stay away from the ordinary celebrations and hold your own independence party, hold a bike parade on your village and make kids the stars of the cute parade.  Attach small flags or balloons colored red, white and blue. Hire a marching band to make the event a lively one.

Hold a  Fourth of July party

If you plan to host a party for your family and friends on the Fourth of July, have the kids participate in its planning and preparation.  Allow them to choose a menu that mommy will prepare. Better yet, include the chic colors of blue, white and red incorporated in every dish in order for all to definitely experience the Independence Day feels.  Red velvet cupcakes and blue-colored juice for the kids will do, right?