Getting Over The Loneliness of Being a Single Mother


Divorce isn’t very easy for anyone, but single mothers usually have it the hardest. One moment they are in a marriage and have someone to make plans with and the next they are all alone with the children. Single motherhood begins to take over your whole entire life. You don’t have time for dating, going out with friends or practicing hobbies. When your kids finally leave the nest this can leave you in a very hard spot.

You won’t be the young woman you once were. Suddenly you wake up in an empty house and your fifty five. The world has changed and without even knowing it you have changed. It can be hard to pick where you left off some twenty or thirty years back. That said, despite the toughness of the situation you have got to pull yourself together and head back out there. Here are some tips. is a great place to start. Smaller cities will have more limited activities but if your near a bigger cities there are number of events you can go to that cover an endless amount of topics. Through this method you can meet new friends and maybe someone special. Before you get nervous and back out of anything, remember that everyone is there for the same reason.

Speed dating is also a very good option. You’ll completely avoid all the stress that comes with approaching someone and be forced to talk to other individuals. This is a great way to get that romantic life started up again. Speed dating can be the perfect way to continue the adventure that is life.

Another thing you can do is embrace your hobbies. This can be hard to do seeing as you’ve been out of the game for a couple decades. Think about to what you used to enjoy and rediscover them. By doing so you will rediscover a part of you. After this is done, you can start attending classes on your hobbies.

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