How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Kids


While it seems overwhelming to walk into a toy store, you should be careful in picking the right toys for their kids.  No matter the price, design, and function, it is crucial that you select only toys that are safe for your child and intellectually, emotionally and physically challanging.

Choose toys that are versatile
Tots easily get bored with toys that have a singular function.  As such, it is better to invest in toys that can be used in different ways.  Wooden blocks or plastic blocks make a variety of “products” like a house, a tower, or an airplane.  More so, these “open-ended” toys keep their focus as they stir their imagination beyond creativity.

Script and role-playing
Plastic toy animals and stuffed dolls can help develop imagination and speech. With the help of their dolls help them create a scenario like going to the doctor or the grocery store (something that they are familiar with). Each scenario has it’s own “script” they can act out with its own unique set of vocabulary.  They can even be more creative and make “sets” out of shoe boxes for their little pals.

Pick toys that promote exploration and problem-solving skills.
You don’t just buy toys for the sake of letting your child play them.  You give them toys for educational purposes that allow them to explore and solve easy challenges.  Puzzles, play dough and crayons are good buys that help your little ones develop their fine motor and spatial relations skills.h

Pick age-appropriate toys.
It is encouraged that parents follow the “recommended age” sticker put on the boxes of toys.  This way, you get to choose practical and realistic toys based on their age. You cannot give your 2-year old child with toys that have small parts like these can be a choking hazard.

Check the materials used.
Be keen and watch out for toys that are made from toxic substances like lead, mercury, and plasticizers.  These dangerous chemicals are usually found in action-figure toys and children’s jewelry. Don’t be fooled by a mere beauty of a toy, check its composition to ensure your child’s safety.

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