Incredible Dad Bonds With His Daughter By Wearing A Tutu


Thanh Tran decided to surprise his daughter when he attended the ballet night at her school. The father from Knoxville, Tennessee wanted to go the extra mile when he attended his daughter’s dance class, so he put on a full ballet class uniform–leotard, tights, and even a tutu.

In a photo collage he posted on his Instagram, he stands behind his daughter at the bar, prepared to follow along with the warm up exercises of the day.

He captioned the photo, “Dad life 101, you participate in every parent night no matter what it is. Even if it calls for tutu for ballet night. But the look back smile from her made it all worth it. Not gonna lie, my calves and toes were cramping up.”

Tran is far from the only dad who has been making waves on the internet for dancing with his daughter. In October, another Tennessee girl, Branaye Kirk, who is from Nashville, shared a video of her family on YouTube dancing at a high school football game.

Kirk and her sisters are lead by their incredibly talented father, who takes the lead in the video and busts some serious moves.

In another video, a dad from Texas named Ray More got down at his kid’s middle school dance in March after noticing that the kids seemed a little embarrassed to dance.

Even better was the father who in 2016 posted a video of him and his six year old daughter getting funky to Justin Timberlake’s summer hit, “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

The video proved to be so popular, that even the pop star himself gave them a shoutout on his Twitter page.

Many of these dads have found that there’s been an extremely positive response to the public seeing them dance with their kids. Hopefully it’ll inspire even more men to let loose and dance with their children.