Keep Your Toddler Busy with These Fun Activities


Toddlers have a short attention span, and they want a variety of activities. Don’t let them get bored or else, you won’t be able to finish cooking their favorite mommy spaghetti or even your laundry. These fun activities will surely make them happy and busy (and you, too!):

Homemade play dough
Play dough is one of the most favorite toys of little children as it stirs their imagination in forming different shapes and colors. Don’t have time to grab boxes of play doughs in a nearby store? A homemade salt dough does the trick. Mix 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of water and 1 cup of salt in a big bowl and tada! Your toddler can make different shapes and be happy with it for an hour.

Bathtub painting
Toddlers enjoy their own version of swimming pool thanks to bathtubs. Level up their tub time by splashing colorful bathtub paint. Just mix one part of cornstarch and two parts of baby wash and put the mixture in different containers. Add two drops of food coloring in every container and mix. Give the mixture to your tots and hand them paintbrush so that they can paint the tub.

Magnets on Fridge
Magnetic and pom pom alphabet letters make a great activity for toddlers. Have them stick the magnets on the fridge in alphabetical order. You can also add numbers. This simple activity is fun and educational at the same time.

Chunky Puzzles
Hand your tots a box of easy puzzles to complete. Not only will this activity keep them busy and focused, it will also hone their critical thinking and creative skills.

Race Track Game
Another simple and enjoyable game for your kids is a race track. Simply use a bright-colored tape to create a track on the floor and let them race using their cars and trucks.

Colored Newspapers
Take out your old newspapers and let your kids enjoy them by painting them with washable markers. You can also let them tear the papers into pieces as they wish to.

toddler paining in tub