This Mom Worked Out During Her Time In The Delivery Room


Many new moms try and stay as fit and as healthy as possible throughout their pregnancy so that their body doesn’t struggle after giving birth. However, Anna Strode took the mom fitness freak to new levels when she shared a post, filming herself working out in the delivery room! Just hours before she welcomed her daughter into the world, Strode felt she needed that extra session before push time.

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Her motivation is incredibly commendable as being in the delivery room is tough enough as it is. Many pregnant women find it tough to work out towards the end of their pregnancy, putting the extra strain on their bodies can be too much, not to mention the emotional exhaustion that comes with it too, so Strode’s work out has made her look like super-mom to some.

Strode posted the video to her Instagram page with the caption “My last #pregnancyworkout was at the hospital just hours before we met our gorgeous Madi Grace,” The post quickly racked up 68,000 views with many of her followers commending her and asking whether it assisted her in labor.

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One user wrote, “You are my idol from today, how was your delivery, I hope much easier as you work out?” Another asked “Do you feel like working out gave you something to focus on other than the pain? Or were your contractions not so bad yet? So inspiring!!!” With all the questions being asked if it helped, Strode replied “Every labor is completely different and I’m not a medical professional either, so I would never push anything on anyone. It certainly helped me, but in saying that, I could have never done this when in labor with the twins.”

Being a mom and fitness Instagrammer, Strode understood the importance of being honest with her followers and described that although it worked for her, every mother is different.

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As for her own approach, Strode admitted, “I’m a big believer in energy promotes energy.” She continued, “A workout actually gives me more energy to face my day with strength and positivity. I find when I don’t workout I feel much more sluggish and unmotivated.”