Mother Becomes “Rock” Star After Starting Community Project


A mother from Sweden, NY, has become quite the “rock” star in her community, after receiving inspiration from her best friend who relocated to Virginia.

rock 1

Kristi Passalacqua founded Brockport ROCKS. The grassroots initiative uses painted rocks which are placed around the village of Brockport, in order to promote kindness.

Passalacqua explained her reasons for starting the community project. “There’s so much negativity going on in the world. This is a nice way to counter it,” she said. “Who wouldn’t want to find a rock that says, ‘You’re pretty’ or ‘You’re bright’?”

But Kristi can’t take complete credit for the idea. Her best friend and former neighbor, Stacie Shurina moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2014.

rock 3

After settling into her new community, Shurina took part in The Burg Rocks! – a local group that does exactly the same thing, paints rocks with positive messages and lays them out in various locations of the community.

Stacie found the activity thoroughly therapeutic and recommended it for any community to take part in. “I found it was a very calming activity and great way to destress,” She said. “The kids love to hide them and it’s a great outdoor activity to find them. It brings the community together.”

Kristi saw photos of The Burg Rocks! online and realized how much fun her friend was having. This compelled her to bring the activity to Brockport. She got the ball rolling after creating a Facebook page and posting photos of rocks that her three children had designed and planted around the village.

rock 2

It didn’t take long before the fun took off. After word of mouth, the Brockport ROCKS Facebook group has over three hundred members and counting.

The number one rule is as follows: if you spot a Brockport rock, you have to post a photo of it to the page. Then you have a choice, either you can keep it or place it somewhere else for another community member to find.