Newborn’s Photo Shoot Celebrates Firefighter Mom and Police Officer Dad


A police officer and a firefighter have a baby who is warming the hearts of millions. The tiny tot has celebrated his parents’ civil service professions in an incredibly cute photoshoot.

EP Baby 2

One-month-old Enzo Anthony is the newly born son of Mirza and Caroline Crnolic, who are both civil servants in Jacksonville, Florida. His father is a police officer for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office while his mother is a firefighter for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

“It means a lot knowing that we’re both public servants and I wanted to do a photo that included both him as a police officer, and me as a firefighter,” said mother Caroline, 27. “We keep saying Enzo’s famous now.”

EP Parents

When Enzo was only 9 days old, EP Photography did a stunning job of capturing his pure beauty. Photographer Erica Posluszny is the artist behind the camera who took photos of Enzo posing with parts of his parents’ uniforms. She said that with parents like Mirza and Caroline, Enzo will “definitely be protected.”

On Tuesday, Mirza’s workplace, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office shared the photos online, which have since gone viral. It was seen as a token of appreciation for Mirza efforts, who has worked at the department for the last nine years.

“It means a lot knowing that we’re both public servants,” Mirza, 31, said. “I wanted to do a photo that included both him as a police officer and me as a firefighter.”

EP Baby

Mirza told ABC News that he absolutely adores the photo shoot. He said, “It represents both our careers and hopefully he’ll choose the best one of those two.”

Enzo wasn’t the only Crnolic to take the spotlight. The beautiful baby boy had group photos taken with his loving parents, who were both proudly adorning their respective uniforms. And as you can see, Enzo was also nestled perfectly in his mother’s helmet in one of the photos.