Top 3 Beaches Every Family Will Enjoy


No matter the season, beach getaways are part of every family tradition.  Aside from the relaxing views and fun-filled activities, parents are keen on kid-friendly beaches so they can ensure the safety and security of their precious darlings.  Here are our top 3 beach picks every family will surely enjoy:


  1. North Beach at Fort De Soto Park, Tierra Verde, Florida

Powdery white sand.  Seashells. Clear waters.  A 3 feet lagoon. This beach in a county park is every family’s dream of a safe and entertaining kiddie beach.  The playground offers more activities for your little tots thanks to a pirate ship and snack bar. It’s good to know that parents can also go biking on its lush nature trails.  

  1. Kama’ole Beach Park III, Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii is famous for its pristine beaches and Kama’ole Beach is no exception.  This gorgeous spot is ideal for kids thanks to its small waves, fishes and sea turtles.  There’s also a grassy part of the beach where you and your family can fly your bright kites high up in the sky. Or, feel free to just enjoy the golden sunset over a picnic.

  1. West Beach at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Porter

Think of the Chicago skyline and you won’t miss this beach’s calming waters.  Another great deal that your children can enjoy is the Junior Ranger program as it allows them to earn a “beachcomber badge” once they complete a dozen family activities. Kids can have fun looking for three different-colored types of rocks or  finding plants in the dunes.  West Beach is a great place for families considering that it is surrounded by nature trails. It is also perfect for an afternoon stroll.