Why Outdoor Play is Important for Kids


Play is a child’s greatest occupation as it allows them to learn about the world around them.  While indoor play makes their parents’ feel secure, the benefits of outdoor play is essential the their devlopment.

Prevents Risk of Myopia
Myopia, popularly known as nearsightedness is an eye disorder when experienced, close objects appear very clear while far objects look blurry.  Based on a research conducted by the Optometry and Vision Science, children who spend more time outdoors have better distance vision than those who spend more time playing indoors.  That said kids are highly encouraged to play outside to improve their vision.

Promotes Social Skills
One of the advantages of outdoor play is its atmosphere allows children to interact with each other and learn to behave properly among themselves.  This is because playing outside is unorganized so they get to have more freedom with decision making and social interaction. The best part of it, they get to meet and bond with kids of different ages and varying personalities.

Provides Vitamin D
The best source of Vitamin D is from the sun.  Nothing beats the massive benefits of sunlight especially that it’s free and natural.  Playing under the sun can prevent the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and bone defects.  Note that your kid doesn’t have to be outside during the hottest hours of the day to get its benefits. It can even be harmful, as they might get burned or get dizzy easily.

Encourages Creativity
Outdoor play allows kids to express their creative side.  When a child spends more time playing outside, he is not confined to the limited environment and people.  The outside world offers endless possibilities that allow them to be more imaginative and artistic.

Promotes Independence
It is normal for any parent to worry or even panic when their kids play outside, as you have less control over what they do.  The good thing about this is the kids learn to be independent especially when they interact with their new friends and playmates. They learn the value of sportsmanship and getting up whenever they fall.

girl playing in mud