5 Quick Beauty Tips for Busy Moms


Any mommy would say that her plate is always full.  From the challenging tasks of parenting to beating work deadlines, some mothers are lucky to have ample time to pamper themselves. The reality is, though moms are always short of time to look their best, they need to make time to make themselves pretty.  Here are 5 beauty tips busy moms can easily do to look less exhausted:

Get a chic haircut
The most mommy-friendly cut is something that’s not too short nor too long.  Ask your hairstylist to give you a chic hairdo that is easy to maintain. Maybe something shoulder-length or chin-length.

Invest in a good concealer
Sleep deprivation is common among mothers.  As such, dark circles under the eyes are inevitable. Don’t channel the zombie look whether you’re in or out of the house.  The best way to fake a restless look is to apply a good concealer that will hide those unwanted dark circles. Concealers do magic!

Add color to your face
Do you know that a red lipstick or a coral colored blush can make a big difference in your overall look?  Yes, a pop of color goes a long, long way. Not only will it up your glam factor, adding color to your face is one beauty trick that will transform your pale face to a brighter one.

Drink plenty of water
It’s a fact that drinking plenty of water helps skin circulation.  In case you are pre-occupied with your children’s activities, don’t forget to hydrate your body with at least  8 glasses of water a day.

Lengthen your lashes
Another makeup accessory that can hide every mommy’s sleepless look is a good stick of mascara.  A voluminous mascara that lengthens your lashes can widen your eyes, thus helping you look less tired.  Note that applying a mascara wouldn’t take a minute so make it a habit to apply one and create an illusion that you have a bright pair of eyes.