Celebrity Moms’ Easy-to-Copy Beauty Tricks


When you have kids, finding the time to look beautiful is a hard task. Besides having to juggle work, parenting and household chores, moms are also expected to not look like they are restless and worn.  Take it from these popular celebrity moms who still manage to look glamorous despite their busy schedule.

Jessica Alba

An actress, businesswoman and a mother of 3,  imagine the superwoman that is Jessica Alba.  How does this gorgeous momma look her best with all her multiple obligations? She sticks to a five-minute beauty routine using primer, concealer, tinted moisturizer, cream blush, mascara and a lip product she applies with just with her fingers!


Kate Hudson believes in the magic of a moisturizer and a mascara.  “I always clean my face, put a moisturizer on right away and let it soak before doing anything else.,” said the lovely momma of Ryder and Bingham.  Now we know why the lovely actress/author has an enviable radiant skin.


Blake Lively

Copy Blake Lively’s gorgeous beach waves by just applying mousse and blow dry the roots of your hair.  The stunning mom of James and Inez styles her hair and does her makeup most of the time. If Mrs. Reynolds can do it, we can, too!


Jennifer Garner

According to Jennifer Garner, the best beauty tip that she learned was to “learn how to do one thing and get comfortable with it. So if I really need to put makeup on myself, I do the cat eye that [late makeup artist] Paul [Starr] used on me, and I don’t worry about the rest.” We couldn’t agree more as sporting a cat eye look definitely makes a big difference.


Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington’s skin regimen is easy and simple.  The creative consultant of Neutrogena is a great believer of SPF and couldn’t let her day pass without applying one on her skin.  The famed actress and mother of two is living proof that you can up your glam factor despite a tight schedule.