Chrissy Teigen Makes Woman’s Beauty Dream Come True


It’s always nice to lend a helping hand when you see someone in need. Of course, there are times when you simply can’t help out as much as you would like, but every little step counts. That is likely why crowd sourced fundraising has become such a prominent and helpful tool for the young entrepreneur or dreamer.

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Mercedes Edney, who is from Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of these young entrepreneurs. In 2012, Mercedes started her own skincare company Ixora Botanical Beauty; using traditional family knowledge and her chemical engineering degree, Mercedes wanted to create and sell natural skincare and beauty products. She knew that her next big step was to obtain a license in esthetics so that she could specialize in that particular field. In pursuit of this goal, Mercedes started a YouCaring crowdfunding page due to the fact that she was unable to find a scholarship or any sort of financial aid.

Although her YouCaring page has only been up for a month, she was able to raise $300. This still leaves a lot of room for improvement as her goal is to reach the $5,995 needed to go to esthetician school. But then something incredible happened.

Mercedes Edney found that she had suddenly reached her goal. She quickly went to investigate how that could be possible and saw that the rest of the funds were donated by a single individual. Once she found out who the individual was, she was truly in shock. Model Chrissy Teigen had somehow become aware of Mercedes and what her goals were, and decided to help out. She wrote in her donation note, “I’ve seen this be your passion for such a long time now…So excited to see you fulfill your dream!”

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Edney then went on to explain her struggle over the past couple year trying to start her business. She had gone through so much and she gave context for the donation. She concluded by saying, “If I ever meet Chrissy Tiegen in person, I’m giving her the biggest hug on earth.”

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It certainly was a very nice way to help someone out who could really use it.