Midwife Rushes From Hair Appointment To Deliver Baby


When it comes to labor and delivery, babies don’t wait for anyone. So when Carrie Hall, the Kentucky-based nurse and midwife was in the middle of her hair appointment and she got news that one of her patients was delivering, she rushed out of her hair salon and headed to the hospital, foils and all.

Carrie was ready to assist in the delivery at any moment! Right before her hair coloring appointment, she called the hospital to see if her patient’s labor was progressing. At that time, the labor was moving slowly so the midwife thought she had plenty of time to get her hair done. Obviously, things did not turn out as planned.


The midwife told Cafe Mom, “It was just an ordinary day on call when I thought I’d chance a hair appointment for a color! I called prior to going to my appointment and there was a patient in labor but she wasn’t progressing rapidly. My hairdresser, Demaris, had just finished foiling my hair when the nurses called and said the patient was ready to deliver.”

Hall did not have time to de-foil her hair and had to run out of her appointment. Hall explained, “The local hospital was five minutes away so … foils and all …. I went to catch a baby!” The midwife arrived just in time for the grand finale! She continued, “The patient was ready to push when I arrived! Luckily, the patient delivered within 20 minutes.”

Thankfully, the baby and mom were completely healthy by the end of the delivery. Because the delivery went so fast, Hall even had time to finish her hair! The nurse recalled, “I then got back in my car, went back to the shop, and finished my hair. Needless to say, momma, baby, and my hair are great!”

Hall was so proud of her work that she decided to share her story with her alma mater, Frontier Nursing University. The school promptly and proudly posted the photo of Hall and her story on their Facebook page. Take a look below!

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