Instagram Mom Flaunts Washboard Abs In Controversial 5-Month Baby Bump Photo

Sarah Stage, better known as the six-pack mom, is the 33-year-old lingerie model who magically maintained her incredible abs all the way through her first pregnancy in 2015, attracting both positive and negative attention along the way.

And much to our surprise (not really), she’s back at it again with six pack abs during her second pregnancy. Earlier this week she informed her loyal Instagram followers that she’s expecting her and her husband’s second child. Now five months pregnant, Stage says she’s due in October and like with her first pregnancy, she’s showing little to no signs of a baby bump. Instead, all we see are enviable abs.


If you don’t believe us then check out her Instagram for more photos of her mystifying midsection throughout both of her pregnancies, as well as her diet and workout secrets!


Just like with her first pregnancy, Stage says she’s receiving a lot of flak for the size of her current baby bump. “Is the child underdeveloped or a damn jellybean, cause her stomach makes no sense?” one person commented on her Instagram birth announcement. Someone else wrote, “I could eat a taco and look more pregnant than that!”


But Stage isn’t fazed by the hate nor does it make her nervous or anxious about her baby’s health. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine she said “The majority [of comments] are very supportive and positive, so I focus on that, The entire [first] pregnancy, I felt reassured from the feedback from my doctor, which was always that the baby was measuring normal and healthy. The same goes for this pregnancy.”

The Insta model and mom of two to be credits her own ebook for her current state of fitness, being that most of her workouts these days take place at home while her son James, is napping. Stage works out three to five times per week, and her routines consist mostly weight training with lighter weights. She’s also a big fan of exercises that get her heart rate up, like, lunges, squats, and ab work. “Having a toddler makes it tricky to have the time to work out,” she said.


Here’s to another fit, fabulous and healthy pregnancy!