What’s in My Partners Hospital Bag (Because Dads Need Things Too)


As a new expectant mother, planning for the arrival of your baby requires a lot of time and attention. One of the basic things that’s included in your checklist is your reliable hospital bag. Have you considered that daddies and birthing partners need their own hospital bag too? Avoid the stress of forgetting important things for you and your partner. Have him organize his backpack filled with items that will help him relieve his anxiety while you are in labor.

Cash– loose change (plenty of it) is essential because he will end up needing to pay for the hospital car park, and snacks.

Digital camera or camcorder– It’s thrilling to capture photos and videos before and after giving birth for memories’ sake but ask the hospital’s permission/clearance before bringing one as not all hospital allow documentation inside the delivery room.

Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap)- Tired and anxious of the long waiting game, your husband’s best effective means to freshen up is the duo of washing his face and brushing his teeth.

Clothes– Dads, as excited as their wives need clothes, too especially if you are required to stay for a few days in the hospital, and your house is far, far away.

Snacks and drinks– Birthing partners don’t really have time during labor to go and get something to eat and drink so stock up with snacks and drinks as an energizer and for hydration.

Books/magazines– Labor can be very long, and you might be in a closed room a while waiting for things to happen. Keep yourselves distracted from fear and anxiety, grab your favorite book from your hospital bag and enjoy reading.

Extra pillow– Most hospitals don’t provide extra pillows for dads so better have one ready for you to steal a sound sleep before sleepless nights of sharing baby duties with your wife.

Smartphone (and phone chargers) – After finally meeting your new little one you’ll want to Share the good news with your family and friends. Also if you have children waiting in your house, you can check on them often while mommy and daddy are away. If you’re like me you will make your hubby call the party planner to book a date/ hall and call work so they can start processing Mat leave, (but that could just be me).