Woman Reveals Big Secret About Boyfriend After Meeting Online


Woman Reveals Big Secret About Boyfriend After Meeting Online



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When a lady by the name of Hazel ended her marriage of 21 years, she was never sure if she was going to move on and find someone else. But eventually, the mother of two girls got back out there. After being advised by her eldest girl, she started online dating. So she signed up, created her own profile and was ready to meet someone new. Hazel quickly hit it off with a nice looking guy by the name of Denzil. But after getting to know each other a little, Denzil explained that he had a secret that he needed to share before they moved any further.

However, Hazel didn’t want to know and insisted that they meet anyway. So Denzil agreed to go out for breakfast with her and the pair had a fantastic first date together. Upon returning from the date, they messaged each other and agreed that they both had a wonderful time. But Hazel, had a sudden change of heart and knew that if things were going to go any further, then she would need to know her date’s little secret. Denzil explained that the mystery would be revealed in a photo and he offered to send it to her. Hazel said yes, and the rest was history.

Fast forward two and a half years later, and Hazel has been asked to come on the day time chat show, The Jeremy Kyle Show. It appears that Denzil’s photo had a long lasting effect on both Hazel and Denzil, as the pair are still together. But what was the secret that Denzil was hiding before meeting his girlfriend? One thing was for sure. Jeremy Kyle was desperate to know. And what Hazel would reveal on the show would completely take the host, the audience and all who were watching by surprise.