Act Of Kindness From Boiler Repair Company Surprises Parents Of Newborn


There are not too many things that are more stressful than a boiler failing right before the arrival of the next big snowstorm. Anyone can certainly appreciate the sense of urgency one must feel when they realize they are in this situation. However, things can get worse especially if you have a newborn baby on the way to the house.

This stressful situation was exactly what Jesse and Maria Hulscher faced on the 23rd of February. The couple is from Minnesota and had their second child on the 22nd of February. When they realized they needed a repairman, they called Magnuson Sheet Metal and asked for someone to come ASAP.

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Luckily, company manager Craig answered the call and had one of his repairmen over at the Hulscher’s home in less than an hour. This incredible service is, of course, greatly appreciated by the parents, and they knew that there is a good chance that the bill was going to be fairly large.

A couple days later they finally received the invoice. When they read over it, they were completely shocked. They were charged absolutely nothing! A note was left at the bottom of the receipt that said: “No charge…Take care of the new baby.”

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Craig was interviewed by Fox about the story, and explained that he did the job for free as a gift to the new parents. He jokes, “[I] didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, if I should buy pink or blue, [so I thought] let’s get the child heat – how does that sound?”

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Jesse was so surprised by the incredible service and generosity that he could not help but share the receipt and story on social media. From that point, the story went viral. Thousands of messages went out to commend the company on their kindness and others even mentioned that they have had similar great experiences with the Magnuson Sheet Metal company. Once again, there is proof that a little generosity can go a long way.