Child Stars of the Past: Where Are They Now?


Child Stars of the Past: Where Are They Now?



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Maybe you watched these child stars when you were growing up. Maybe you became more familiar with them later in your life. Either way, these kids used to light up the small and big screens. But what has happened to them since their dazzling rise to stardom?

While there are some child stars who go on to have amazing careers in the spotlight, most don’t amass the same great fortune. A lot of child stars suffer the harsh reality of the real world once they are done filming a couple of movies or a TV series. These child stars build such a big name for themselves, but are typically cursed with the typecast of the adorable on-screen character they played. It can be tough for child stars to break into other roles after audiences are so used to seeing them play a specific character.

A lot of child stars also struggle with managing their money post-filming. Typically, their parents will manage their funds as the kids are too young to be in charge of their own finances. There have been many sad stories of child stars who were left with nothing after their parents improperly managed the money they had earned from filming. After spending so many years working and earning money, these child stars are faced with the reality of having nothing after amassing so much.

Child stars are often plagued with social problems. Most of them won’t study in a typical school system as their filming schedules require them to be on set most of the day. A lot of these child stars have private tutors on set. However, after they are done filming, most child stars struggle to get used to the getting back to the books and getting a degree or conceptualizing a life outside of the film set. Check out these famous child stars and find out where they are now.