Where Are These Women Today?


Where Are These Women Today?



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Making it big in Hollywood is a hard task to say the least, but these women made it seem effortless. Thanks to their natural appeal and flawless physiques that made it seem as though God was very gracious when he handed them picture perfect features, these women were gifted enough to make their mark in the industry of the bold and the beautiful.

But being dipped in the good genes pool was not all these women were credited for – some definitely captivated the hearts of many by being plastered on posters, but others projected a set of skills that ended up landscaping tremendously prosperous careers for the rest of their lives.

While some things are better off left in the past, and thus, some of these women would probably prefer to be remembered for the sultry bombshells they once took such great pride in being, we cannot help but wonder where they are all together and what they look like these days.

Have they aged well like fine wine and gotten a classier overall appearance over the years, or have they had a hard time letting go of the past and still rock those too-short shorts and painfully high pumps?

Has Barbara Bach, the same girl who landed the highly sought after role of Anya Amasova in James Bond’s The Spy Who Loved Me kept her clean get up ever since she disappeared from the silver screen?

What did dear ‘ol Betty White look like back in the day, before she knew she was heading towards a respectable career that would run for more than 75 years? And ever since Breakfast at Tiffany’s, did Audrey Hepburn manage to make any other significant films in her life?

From Donna Summer to Cybill Shepard, we have got them all – and no one could have guessed this was how they were all going to turn out.