Dog The Bounty Hunter: His Misunderstood Life


Dog The Bounty Hunter: His Misunderstood Life



Better known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman has put his stamp on TV with his unique form of vigilante entertainment. As a result, Dog is now a major personality in the world of television. His shows document his numerous attempts to bring criminals to justice, putting his body and soul on the line in the process. But long before he got his own TV show, Chapman had a rollercoaster life, riddled with failed relationships and run-ins with the law.

In his young adult years, Chapman married many women, all of which turned out to be short lived. With three of those women, Dog had multiple kids and those relationships did not come and go without a strong sense of tragedy. Chapman has seen plenty of loss and misfortune and he certainly had to take responsibiltiy for many of his shortcomings. At one point, he must have thought that he would never get a break in his tumultuous life.

Then came along the love of his life – Beth Smith. A big name in the bails bond world herself, Beth seemed to be the perfect match for Chapman. And since meeting in the nineties, the couple have had an unbreakable bond. After years of personal trauma, the couple were able to bring their families together and turn them into one big happy family. To say that Beth tamed the beast would be quite the understatement.

Even though Dog and his wife may have a polarizing effect on audiences with their unique style and lust for controversy, there is no denying that the couple have a lot of heart and bring it in abundance on their hit TV shows. They have now moved past the world of entertainment and are focusing their energy on tackling bail reform. At any rate, they are continuing to enjoy their shared passion together.