Ellen Surprises A Mother And Daughter With The Ultimate Gift


Having a tremendously successful show that has been running for 15 seasons straight, Ellen Degeneres is used to all kinds of requests from her fans. However, there was one attempt to reach out that stood out from the rest – the letter she received from Oviri.


Andy, Oviri’s mother, split from her husband when Oviri was a young girl, which ended up being a traumatic experience for the child. Oviri had a hard time bouncing back, which was made even more challenging by the fact Andy had to work extra shifts to make up for the loss of income. Pulling 12-hour shifts and not being a whole family was tough all around, but it is the price Andy had to pay, one Oviri will forever be grateful for.

As a token of her appreciation, the now grown Oviri wrote a letter to Ellen in which she explained that not only did her mother miss out on her own life by always putting her daughter first, but the last time she took a vacation was when her mother, Oviri’s grandmother, died. The unfortunate event also happened more than 30 years ago, meaning Andy has not had any time off in 3 decades.


Ellen read Oviri’s letter and decided to invite the two on her show. Andy sat in the designated audience seating area and did not suspect a thing – until Ellen started reading her daughter’s letter aloud. When she was done, Ellen invited the two women on stage.

That is when Oviri revealed that she was in college and studying social work, but was struggling due to financial burdens. When Ellen asked why she chose social work, Oviri replied that having gone through her parents’ divorce, she always wished she had someone by her side to guide her through the painful process. That is when she realized that was what she wanted to do in her life – to help other kids move past their parents separating.


Degeneres just sat there quietly and waited for Oviri and Andy to finish telling their story. Once they did, she surprised the duo by providing them with two tickets for an all expense paid trip to London, England. Andy And Oviri could not hide their excitement when a guy came on stage wearing a Queen’s Guard uniform and handed them the tickets, but that was not all.

The two were sent back to their seats – but then were called to come on stage again at the end of the show. Puzzled as to why they could be asked on stage, the two cautiously sat down next to the gracious host. The Queen’s Guard lookalike was quick to follow, only this time he handed Oviri a stacked pile of $10,000 in cash. Ellen was all smiles as she announced this gift was meant to pay off all of Oviri’s school debt.


One thing is for sure – the two went home all smiles that day, knowing their lives would never be the same.