How Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Have Stayed In Love After 21 Years


How Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Have Stayed In Love After 21 Years



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Country singing sensations Tim McGraw and Faith Hill both had successful starts in their careers. It was only a matter of time before two of the biggest country singers collaborated on tour, and in 1996, fans got their wish. When the tour was announced, many wondered if the two would develop more than a singing relationship but to make matters confusing, Faith was engaged to someone else but Tim was newly single. Unsurprisingly, from the outset, Faith and Tim’s chemistry on stage was electric, the raw emotion seen in their body language and gazes at each other was evident and it was only a matter of time before their sparks turned into fireworks.

Everything changed one night after they had finished performing when McGraw invited Hill into his dressing room. The two couldn’t hide their feelings anymore and they shared their first kiss. It was love almost immediately but the situation was complicated, as Faith needed to break off her engagement. When the tabloids got hold of the news, fans were delighted and the new couple were not afraid to keep out of the public eye. Their whirlwind romance was more intense than imagined and before they knew it, Faith was pregnant. After a surprise wedding and then their first daughter, Faith and Tim were blissfully happy living their lives together.

However, like many high profile couples, they were plagued with constant split rumors but Faith was quick to shoot them down. Their united front and constant gushing of each other was enough to show the media and fans their love was the real deal. The couple decided to join forces in their careers too, embarking on a tour together so that they wouldn’t have to leave each other’s side. Night after night they would show the world how much they loved each other through their beautiful love songs and tactile body language. Faith and Tim were the perfect couple, but was it all that it seemed? 21-years down the line was their love the same behind closed doors?