Ginger Zee Announces Pregnancy On Air During Weather Forecast


Ginger Zee shocked the audience of Good Morning America by announcing she is four months pregnant during her usual weather forecast.

The weather report opened as usual with the screen showing the current radar over a map of America, with the green and white swirls showing where it was going to be sunny or rainy. She announced she had some breaking news, and two curious blue ovals appeared on screen at the coasts of the US map.

Ginger explained while she gestured to her belly saying that those areas, “are going to have a shadow from my belly because I’m pregnant.” The audience erupted into applause, and the other anchors gave her congratulatory hugs and kisses.

As she was four months into the pregnancy, she worried that if she didn’t tell anyone soon, that her midsection would tell the story for her. As she celebrated, the screen showed a picture of her first son, Adrian Benjamin Colonomos, who was born two days after her first maternity leave in 2015. Adrian is holding a sonogram of the new baby, and Ginger jokes he is, “already asking to hold his little brother.”

Just in case any non-morning people missed the message, she took to Instagram to announce the pregnancy.

Ginger has been passionate about meteorology since she saw a waterspout, a vortex that appears above water, at age 8. She studied it in college, along with mathematics and Spanish. The mother to be was also on Dancing With The Stars, together with Valentin Chmerkovskiy. They won third place. Her real life partner is Ben Aaron, the host of Crazy Talk.


Ginger was named after Ginger Grant, the movie star character from Gilligans Island. Perhaps she and her husband have a name already picked out also inspired by television. All we can do is wait and see. Her second son is due February 2018.