The Incredible Story Of Heather Locklear


The Incredible Story Of Heather Locklear



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When Heather Locklear first debuted on the small screen in the early 1980s. With sparkling blue doe eyes, and carefully flipped blonde hair, the California beauty’s charisma and charm was undeniable. Before she knew it, she was an established series regular on two Aaron Spelling shows, Dynasty and T.J. Hooker. Locklear played the class girl next door, with her innocent do no wrong appeal, and though she effortlessly blended into the Hollywood lifestyle, she had no idea what toll it would take.

Heather was finally able to assume a new role when Spelling began producing his Beverly Hills 90201 spin off, Melrose Place, to which he quickly added Locklear as a cast member. Locklear may be best known for her run on the primetime soap opera as the devious Amanda Woodward. In the role, she finally got to show a different side of her, one that was more often than not seen as villainous, yet her on screen persona could not be further from her true life. But behind the scenes, Heather was struggling with her first marriage.

She met her first husband, Tommy Lee, self described heavy-metal “rock pig” at an REO Speedwagon concert in the mid 80s, and Lee was instantly hooked. But the addictive personality that would have him latch onto Locklear was the very same characteristic that would eventually spell their doom. As smitten as Locklear was with Tommy Lee, his lifestyle was too much for the vanilla, goody two shoes. After their split, Lee would go one to marry the far more risqué Pamela Anderson.

Heather needed a partner who was just right. Enter Richie Sambora, a guitarist for another rock band, Bon Jovi. Sambora was a far more reliable partner than Lee, even if he still had the glamor of being a rock star. But Heather’s fairytale relationship with Sambora spelled the beginning of the end for the tragic beauty.