Hilarious Notes From Children You Can’t Miss


Hilarious Notes From Children You Can't Miss



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Kids really do say the darndest things because they do not care what adults think about them. There is nothing like the brutal honesty of a child to really tell it like it is. These letters will have you rolling on the floor in laughter and calling for mercy. From complaints about camp to requests for baby brothers, we guarantee you’ll find yourself grinning at your computer screen.

Children do not get embarrassed the way that grown-ups do. Some kids were even brutally honest at their poor parent’s expense. One kid from school did not hold back when asked what his mothers favorite activity was. His response was clear and bold. His mother loves to drink wine and he was not afraid to draw a picture of her favorite activity. Mommy was probably not too happy when she got a call home from school about her son’s drawing.

We bet the teachers at her son’s school got a really good laugh after seeing what the student came up with. Another student decided shared with his class what his father’s profession is. Unfortunately, the student misspelled the word “cook.” The student’s teachers must have had a good laugh after taking a look at a drawing with an inappropriate word written in huge letters. Some of these kids made spelling mistakes that were insanely hilarious!

You will be sure to be in tears from laughing so hard from the notes from kids. Hopefully, the parents had a good laugh too even though they were the subject of the joke some of the time. Either way, these notes from kids deserve to be preserved forever. They really are so funny and will put you in a great mood. So if you want to read something that will make you happy for the rest of the day, read ahead!