Ivanka Trump Tweets A Gushing Happy Birthday Message To Stepmom Melania


Wednesday was a special day for the Trump family as they celebrated Melania’s 57th birthday. In honor of her stepmother, Ivanka made sure the public could clearly see how she felt about her stepmother Melania. She tweeted, “Happy Birthday to our first lady (and my incredible step-mom!) Melania Trump. A wonderful example of kindness and grace for us all! @FLOTUS.”

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This all follows Sunday’s reports from unnamed White House sources that indicate that the relationship between the two is not exactly rosey. Of course, shortly after the news broke a White House spokesperson released a statement that denied all these allegations of tension between stepmother and daughter. However, if these rumors are true there is a good chance it is the result of Ivanka’s filling in for Melania on certain First Lady duties.

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More fuel to the fire was added when Melania revealed that she will not be moving to Washington with her son Barron. On the other hand, Ivanka almost immediately moved her entire family, children and husband, to a very high end neighborhood in Kalorama.

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That Wednesday, Ivanka had just returned from a trip to Germany. She had been there on behalf of her father as they mourned the victims of the Holocaust. When she came back, and before sending the happy birthday tweet, Ivanka shared another short video of her son and her wishing on a dandelion.

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Ivanka has always played a huge roll in any Donald Trump production. Thus, it is absolutely no surprise that she is a first choice when it comes to needing a fill in for Melania. However, it appears that this may become a less frequent occurrence. Melania has been appearing at her husband’s side a little more frequently as of lately.

For example, she was present for the honoring of the National Teacher of the Year as well as the first visit to a military hospital by the new President. It will be interesting to see if she decides to continue to accompany her husband or if she will let Ivanka take the lead.