Mariah Carey And Her Love Life


Mariah Carey And Her Love Life



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She might have sung “We Belong Together” but her dating history said otherwise. Pop and R&B diva Mariah Carey is known for her strong, independent outlook on life, getting what she wants, and when she wants it. Mariah was a star from the very beginning and the music industry couldn’t get enough of her belting, soulful voice and her radiating beauty. Mariah’s status as a young, attractive celebrity undoubtedly warranted a huge amount of male attention and her love life became equally, if not more reported on than her career.

It wasn’t long before a young Mariah had been won over by a highly respected music executive. As a young woman in love, she took the plunge and the two were married. However, the age difference between Mariah and her husband, Tommy Mottola, was seen both in their appearance, and their experience and this marriage certainly proved that mixing business with pleasure didn’t work.

Mariah’s broken marriage did not deter her from the dating scene and she began enjoying her single status in the industry. But after a string of failed relationships, Mariah desperately desired that wedded bliss and family life. Carey’s secret marriage to Nick Cannon took the world by surprise and it seemed that Mariah had finally found the one. A set of twins later, the Carey-Cannon unit looked as solid as can be but things were not as they appeared. Divorce number two was looming and the media began speculating on the reasons why.

A single Mariah ended up finding love once more when she wasn’t looking for it. Australian billionaire James Packer swept Mariah off her feet and after a whirlwind romance, the two were engaged. But there was trouble in paradise. Mariah was reported to have a wandering eye, leaving her relationship with James in the shadows. Marriage number three was not to be but instead of the media searching for answers, Packer shockingly revealed all about his relationship and his ex. Was Mariah to blame? Were the rumors of her demanding and diva nature true?