Maureen McCormick Opens Up About Her Journey Back From The Edge


Maureen McCormick Opens Up About Her Journey Back From The Edge



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Maureen McCormick is best known for playing the eldest daughter, Marcia, on the 1970s classic TV show, The Brady Bunch. Though her life on screen was nearly idyllic, as Marcia was the most envied and most desired of the three Brady sisters, off screen was a different story. On screen, she had two happy, loving parents who were steadfastly devoted to one another, as well as five siblings who overall loved and cared for one another. The sharp contrast between her on screen life and her real family life became hard for Maureen to navigate. Trying to live up to Marcia’s perfection proved disastrous for the young actress who struggled with the dissonance between her two lives.

In the aftermath of The Brady Bunch, Maureen needed to return to real life after being a child star, finishing high school and then, she hoped, becoming a serious actress. The turmoil that had secretly enveloped her during the filming of the show continued to consume her, completely derailing her dreams. As Maureen became a young adult, she turned to the Hollywood party scene in order to distract from the cruel inner voice that continuously told her she wasn’t good enough. It was her deep seated need to placate her inner anxieties that ultimately derailed her career.

It took finding religion and meeting her husband Michael to start getting her life back on track, though she had a long and bumpy road ahead of her. Though Maureen has found love in her husband and daughter, her relationship to her remaining biological family is volatile. The contrast between her real and fictional life is something Maureen is still coming to terms with, and escaping from under the thumb of the Brady legacy has been nothing but difficult for her. Now, she’s finally sharing her story.