From Suits To Royal Suitor: Who Is Meghan Markle?


From Suits To Royal Suitor: Who Is Meghan Markle?



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Meghan Markle is making headlines across the world since the beginning of her romance with Prince Harry. And since an official announcement was released discussing the couple’s romance, the news of this couple has become public. Since then, the world is eager to get a glimpse into the lives of this famous couple and see the woman Prince Harry has fallen head over heels for. But who exactly is the girl who has tied down one of the world’s most famous men?

Best known for her role as Rachel Zane on the popular series, Suits, Meghan has more to offer than just being the Prince’s right-hand lady. Born in Los Angeles, the American actress aspired to appear on television screens from a young age. However, Markle has many other talents and and hobbies up her sleeve, while also being an active Global Ambassador in working towards improving poverty stricken countries.

We can see why the Prince fell for Meghan, and the two have many interests in common, with the pair both showing a caring side for the world around them. In recent times, they have become more public about their romance and the pair can be spotted spending time together in both London and Canada, where Markle calls home these days. Markle has even been photographed wearing jewelry with the initial “H” on it, which can only be rightfully assumed as a romantic gesture for Harry.

The actress is continuing to prove her worth on the small screen as well as being a feminist activist and working for the improvement of women’s lives. She has publicly discussed her concern about the stigma surrounding the discussion of women’s bodies and how it may affects women’s education. She travelled to India to learn more about this issue and give the problem greater attention. This alone shows her dedication and passion to social and economic issues that many people in the world choose to ignore. Read on to find out more about the incredible woman Prince Harry has chosen as his partner.