Mom Becomes Internet Sensation For Copying Popular Instagram Posts

Instagram gives us all an insight into the lives of the rich and famous, with their perfect hair, their flawless make-up, and their enviable figures. If we were even to try and compete, we would be wasting our time trying to get those perfect shots. Nevertheless, this funny mommy has become an online celebrity for doing just that, although she has given her own take on copying some of the most liked celebrity Instagram posts.


Celeste Barber, a 35-year-old comedienne and mother-of-four, now has a whopping following of 2.5 million on her Instagram page, where she posts a selection of parodies of some of the most well-known snaps. This idea started when she posed as Kim Kardashian and the rest of her reality TV family, and sent the photo to her sister.

Seeing the good-natured humor of the photo, her sister then persuaded her to share the replica on Instagram, which went on to attract a wider audience. Used to seeing the multiple celebrity selfies, where their lip sizes change daily, and they are laying by another pool each weekend, Celeste brought her own reality versions to life.


While she may not be a stick-thin supermodel or a woman who can hover over water like Queen B, Barber has won over a huge fan base and has even landed her own TV series in her native Australia.

Additionally, though never meant to do so, Barber has become a feminist icon and says, ‘It was always, like, this is how celebrities get out of the pool and I’m like, “No, this is how you get out of the pool…” I get miffed with fashionistas thinking they are better than other people.’ Celeste has taken these virtually impossible shots for us non-celebs and has given us all a more relatable image, and we thank her for this.