Nicole Kidman Reveals Truth About Her Relationship With Keith Urban


Nicole Kidman Reveals Truth About Her Relationship With Keith Urban



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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are one of the most beloved couples in the celebrity world right now. And although their lives are constantly under scrutiny, they seem to have maintained a healthy relationship. Or at least it may seem that way. Like many relationships, things haven’t been plain sailing for the actress and singer from Down Under. And it begs the question: how do celebrity couples maintain such strong relationships in a culture that is watching and analyzing your every move? Well, Kidman and Urban have their own method to tackling this issue, and only just revealed their secret in a recent interview.

Before meeting each other, Kidman and Urban had already developed a name for themselves in their respective industries. Since the late eighties, Kidman has been one of the most talented and successful actresses, gaining recognition for her performances with numerous awards. While Urban has also built a huge fortune for himself as a popular country singer. After getting recognition in Australia, the musician got his big break when he moved to Nashville. Initially flopping because of stiff competition, Urban eventually broke through with his self-titled American album.

Due to the couple’s checkered pasts, Kidman and Urban have both brought baggage to their relationship, which has on many occasions threatened the happy home that they have created for themselves. But when they came together, they could never anticipate the amazing bond that they would establish. In a recent interview, Kidman revealed just how deep the problems have been in her relationship with Urban. But every action has a reaction. So how exactly did this star-studded couple deal with their own personal issues? Did they seek marriage counseling? Did they receive couples therapy? Only Kidman and Urban have the answers to these questions, and here’s your chance to find out.