Here Are Some Of The Most Notorious Groupies Of All Time


Behind every great Rock n’ Roll band, there are some ever greater groupies. Hitting the road can be a lonely time, so it makes perfect sense that some of the greatest rock stars had some fun company. Here are some of the most notorious groupies ever.

Carmen Electra

Tara Leigh Patrick, who reinvented herself with the suiting stage name Carmen Electra, was the embodiment of physique perfection in her prime years, which is probably what landed her the prominent role of Lani on Baywatch. The bombshell babe was the subject of desire of many A-list men, but this beauty had an undeniable soft spot for rockstars. Her relationship resume includes legends like Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee, and the famed actress was even said to dip her toe in the music industry with the help of Prince.

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