Why You Should Never Have Your Parents On Social Media


Why You Should Never Have Your Parents On Social Media



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It is always risky to accept a friend request on social media from your parents. Whether you are accustomed to posting questionable pictures or suggestive statuses, having your mom and dad comment embarrassing remarks is practically social suicide.

More often than not, we hear about kids going wild while using their online profiles to post things they normally would not have done when taking into consideration that their parents can see all. Whether it is pretending to lead a “thug life” or uploading questionable pictures of themselves with their significant others, some things should simply be avoided at all cost.

The posts featured in this article go to show that while they might be older and have the occasional struggle when tackling computer-related issues adolescents solve in their sleep, parents still know best – only this time, they may have chosen the worst possible medium to prove it. For better or worse, social media is a tool that enables easy communication to many people – a fact that sometimes escapes our mind. For that reason precisely it is important to think twice before clicking that unforgiving “post” button.

Mom and Dad may find it funny to use the social media platforms they have been given to put their children in their place, but more often than not, the kids on the other side of the keyboard are left in awe. Do they deserve it? That is a whole other matter that could be taken into account. For now, we would rather sit back, relax and grab a box of tissues – because these mischievous parents are the kings and queens of comebacks, and they will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

So if you are at that crucial stage and have yet to click “accept,” scan through this list that will make you cringe, laugh – and, most likely, decline.