Secrets You Never Knew About Pretty Woman


Secrets You Never Knew About Pretty Woman



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You can’t think about the best romantic comedies of all time without having Pretty Woman jump to the top of the list. What could ever be better than the 1991 classic about a wealthy businessman falling in love with his escort in the heart of Beverly Hills? It was kind of an adult Cinderella story with a lot more romance and controversial scenes.

Gary Marshall’s classic was about big Hollywood dreams and he achieved just that with the movie. Through Marshall’s input and direction, the film became a box office hit and audiences could not get enough of Vivian and Edward. Not only that, the film was instrumental in launching the career of Julia Roberts. It will be the role she will always be remembered and praised for after having viewers accept and love the idea that an escort made it big.

No matter how many times you watch it, there is always something else you notice in the film. Whether it be smaller details or quiet lines, so much dedication went into the writing of the script, making it Hollywood gold. In fact, the movie was initially intended to be something entirely different, but when Marshall saw the potential, he worked with a number of script writers to make it the movie we know and love.

The film became such a success that fans were desperately calling out for a sequel, desperate to see Edward and Vivian grace their screens once again. Although it didn’t come in the form of Pretty Woman 2, Runaway Bride seemed to satisfy the desires of the fans. Despite the fact that the film came out years ago, there are still behind the scenes secrets and stories that have come out, exciting fans that much further. Just because we can’t get enough of the movie, we decided to search for the hidden secret and on-set whispers that you just need to know.