Princess Diana’s Darkest Secrets Exposed


Princess Diana's Darkest Secrets Exposed



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She was called “The People’s Princess.” In a matter of just a few short months Diana went from being an unknown royal to the Princess of England. Her life was shot into the spotlight and she had to deal with her new-found fame. The young woman was elegant, gorgeous, and beloved by millions. But behind her bright smile, Princess Diana was carrying many dark secrets.

Her marriage to Prince Charles was short lived. The couple had problems from day one, and the tension was felt by both the palace and the people. Nonetheless, Princess Diana kept a brave face. During her time married to Prince Charles, Diana brought two beautiful children into the world. The people couldn’t get enough of Diana, and even though the paparazzi was constantly following her around, that didn’t stop Diana from being herself and doing what she loved.

After her marriage to Prince Charles ended, Diana’s life spun even further into the spotlight. She used her name and her fame to support causes she believed in. She was at the front of the fight against HIV and AIDS, and she was constantly fighting for the removal of landmines. She took these causes to heart and promoted them globally and in her home country. During this time, the media was also intrigued by Diana’s love life. Now that she was single, Diana was seen with several male suitors, and the media just couldn’t get enough.

Sadly, the media frenzy around Diana was what led to her untimely death. The car crash shook the entire world, and of course the Royal Palace was in shock over the traumatic event. Today, Diana still lives on through memories and new details that are constantly coming to light. Here is Princess Diana’s story, and the surprising details that most people still don’t know.