Sandra Bullock: From Loss To New Love


Sandra Bullock: From Loss To New Love



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Sandra Bullock is one of the best actresses in Hollywood, not to mention one of the most beautiful as well. She was quickly named America’s sweetheart through her kind-hearted nature and her incredible acting skills which blew away critics from the get go. Ever since Bullock stepped onto the scene, she has always been in high demand with many A-list actors lining up to date the gorgeous actress. However, the masses of positive attention she was receiving also came with the negatives and Bullock learned early on that Hollywood is a superficial world with everyone worrying about their own agenda, first and foremost.

After a string of failed relationships, Sandra found herself questioning if there was really one man out there for her. Her career was more successful than she had ever expected and in many ways, acting helped her cope with a number of break-ups. Named one of the “Most Beautiful People” by People magazine, Sandra regularly put on a front, being the poised and perfect role model but inside she was struggling with personal issues.

In 2003, the stars aligned for Bullock and she met bad boy Jesse James, an unlikely match but they were drawn to each other. Their whirlwind romance led to the couple tying the knot two years later. The actress was happier than ever and in 2010, and her Oscar win topped it off. Everything was perfect until it completely collapsed when devastating rumors of a cheating husband emerged, thus leaving the actress to file for divorce.

Despite all of her heartbreak, the biggest silver lining came in the form of her adopted son, Louis, who appeared to put everything into perspective for the actress. Bullock was back and her heart was ready to find love again, but would she finally find the one or would she fall back into the same pattern?