Inside The Lives Of The Spears Family


Inside The Lives Of The Spears Family



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Britney Spears is a true American icon, with one of the most extensive discographies ever collected by a female pop star, as well as being one of the highest paid female performers ever. Her hits have been rolling out since the age of 16, with her 1998 release of her first single, “Baby One More Time”. With a hit Vegas show currently running, Britney has continued to top the charts, year after year.

But her rise to fame was far from smooth. Growing up in a poor Louisiana town, her family life was rough to say the least. With a destructive father and a narcissist for a mother who was bent on getting her daughters famous, young Britney was riddled with anxiety. In order to deal with it, she was placed on medication in the midst of her first tour, even as her mother abandoned her to focus on building a career for her younger sister Jamie Lynn. Britney’s past traumas came to a head with her famous meltdown in 2007, where she nearly lost everything: her family, her children, and her career. At the same time, Jamie Lynn was 16 and pregnant. Instead of supporting her daughters in their times of need, Lynne sold them out in a tell all, an attempt to absolve herself of the ruin she almost brought to their lives. It’s been a rough ride for the Spears family.

But somehow the two girls managed to pull it all together, in spite of their dysfunctional childhoods spent in the spotlight. Jamie Lynn ditched Hollywood all together, in favor of a new career as a country singer. But when all is said and done, the mistakes of their parents haven’t seemed to stop haunting their lives. While it might seem that the girls have found happiness, they still haven’t managed to escape the scrutiny of the press, dictating their careers and that of their children.