The Cast Of The Princess Bride: Where Are They Now?


The Cast Of The Princess Bride: Where Are They Now?



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The Princess Bride is one of those iconic films that we remember so well that we can still recite the famous quotes thirty years after its release. But what made the film so iconic were the actors we all fell in love with. Taking a look at these stars thirty years later, where are they now?

For some, The Princess Bride was just the beginning of their successful acting career, while others never had any more major roles to follow. Nevertheless, their appearance on The Princess Bride would have been a triumphant one, except for one actor who says he has never even watched the film back. For reasons which he has expressed, he is one person who is sure to be missing out on some great entertainment.

Many actors in the film had already had successful acting careers and that is probably why they got the role in the first place. They were even some of their fellow co-star’s idols and aspirations for their own careers. Quite the momentous occasion, being able to work alongside someone you’ve grown up admiring, while also heightening your own career.

There is no denying that being part of The Princess Bride would have been a highlight in many of the stars careers and it no doubt paved the way for other movies and shows wanting these big names for their own work. So as we take a long back at the then and now, we remember these iconic characters and the truly wonderful creation they produced together. We must also look back at the writer of the original book because, after all, without him, there would have never been The Princess Bride, and none of us want to think about that. So where is Prince Humperdinck, Princess Buttercup, Ancient Booer and the hilarious Impressive Clergyman now?